AMES Car Line Map

AMES Car Line Map & Drop off/Pick Up Procedures
Posted on 05/01/2018

Click here for a map of our car line

Drop off/Pick Up Procedures
As a reminder, starting Friday, August 18th, all parents must stop at the gates for morning drop off.  If you are using the back car line, please pull up to flag number one and do not get out of your vehicle.  A safety patrol will open the door for your child and escort them to class if needed.  If you child walks or ride a bike, your child can enter through the back or front gate.  If they come through the front gate, please remember to only cross in the crosswalk and not cross the parking lot.  Parents must stop at the gates by the bike rack or walk their child to the flagpole area.  These procedures are put in place for the safety of your children. 

For afternoon pickup, you have the following options: 
1. Pick your child up at the bike rack gate or back gate.

2.  If you have 2 more families, you can join the car pool which begins after the buses pull out at 2 p.m. in the front of the school.  Go to the AMES PTA website at to find out more information about it.
3.  Use the car line at the back of the school.  Please make sure you have a sign in the driver's side front window with your child's last name and grade level.  Also, NEVER get out of your car when you pull up to the flag.  If you child needs help getting buckled in, please exit the school first and pull to the side of the road to buckle him.  We must keep the line moving.
Most importantly, notify your teacher of your pick up plan if it has changed.   The safety of your child is our number one concern.

Thank you for your cooperation,
Mr. Davidow/Principal Addison Mizner Elementary